Courtyard garden design in St. Albans

 Garden before construction


The tiny courtyard of this former Alms House, was overlooked on all sides and received a thin 40cm strip of sun at its highest point in the day.


The owners, a young professional couple, wanted a private outdoor space where they could have a quiet drink in the evening with friends; tend a few goldfish and grow some easily maintained plants. The ‘look’ had to be simple, uncluttered and modern - to echo the renovations made to the inside of the house.

In order to provide light for the plants, raised beds were built. At two different heights, one accommodated the curved seating which seguéd into the pond’s edge, the other gave the garden 3D interest.

Garden on completion


A simple slot water feature helped to muffle the sound of traffic on the nearby main road as well as providing aerated water for the fish.


Privacy was achieved by constructing a simple pergola along the boundary with pretty climbing plants trained up and over it. Lanterns, hung from its rafters, lighting the seating at night.


"Many thanks for your help and dedication. We are very pleased with the end result."

K & S A-M - St Albans

photography © alex pikal

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photography © alex pikal

all rights reserved