Getting to know you


On the first visit Gilly will look over your garden with you, discussing your needs, ideas and expectations and what you do and don’t like about your existing plot. If you decide to go ahead with a design, further discussion about style, function and use and a wish list for the garden will form the basis of a design brief.


Surveying your site


Once you decide to go ahead, The site will be accurately measured, levels, views and positions of existing plants will be thoroughly noted. Reference photos will be taken and your soil tested for structure and ph balance. If your site is very extensive, it may be necessary to involve a specialist company.


The Concept


At the next meeting, Gilly will present the results of the survey, drawn up on a scale plan and the concept for your new garden drawn to scale. Hard landscaping details and planting suggestions will be presented for discussion. This is the time for you to air your views, comments or objections. Together you’ll adapt and refine the rough concept. Once everyone is happy with the design concept and details, the fully specified Contractor’s Plan will be drawn up.

Contractor’s plan


This incorporates all changes and

amendments, with sufficient detail and specifications for any good landscaper to give you an accurate quotation and build your garden. Detailed technical drawings will be produced, where necessary.


Constructing your garden


Once the fully specified plan is completed to your satisfaction, Gilly will contact tried and tested landscaping contractors, who will visit the site and give you quotations based upon the agreed plan.


Planting plans


A detailed planting plan and/or plant lists will be prepared using plants which reflect your own taste and personality and which are suitable for your specific growing conditions.


Project supervision


To maintain the integrity of the design, it is best for Gilly to supervise the garden build - just as an architect would oversee the construction of a building.

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photography © alex pikal

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